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2nd in the reel series, presenting to you... Rope Burn...

Come into my velvet rope and live your fantasies... a throwback to the vintage peep show... where what is revealed is entirely interpretive ... and meant to be taken in the non literal sense...


  Sweater Weather 

Presenting to you the story of a young girl, life interrupted by belligerent divorcing parents. Mom takes the girl cross country … "let's not tell dad." After a year, with the help of private investigators, dad finds them both. And so begins a new life … stuck in the middle of the never ending conflict between the two people who are supposed to work together always to create a life of love … for each other, for you. LIfe will never be the same. She survived the hatred.. but she is… broken.


The first one... Be Without You.  A dance based cinematography reel. This is how I shoot dance... 

Cavalier | a video by Cat Cogliandro and movements by Shar


I remember my first love...

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