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"Shar Adrias is the complete package when it comes to bringing movement to life on screen.  Her intuition is always spot on and it comes from her experience in being an artistic performer as well as a visionary.  Shar's committment to perfection makes the process of creating works easy!"

-Jared Grimes, Producer, Actor, Dancer 




"Shar Adrias is an incredible cinematographer and editor.   She brings consistent fantastic energy, precision and creativity to every project we have had the pleasure of working on with her.  Shar is a consummate pro with an extraordinary eye and beautiful rhythm who can get things done both extremely well and amazingly fast.  She's a great collaborator and brilliant artist and an absolute joy to work with.  We are so thrilled whenever she is on our team!"

- Bob Brader, Executive Director & Suzanne Bachner, Artistic Director

John Montgomery Theatre Company





"Shar Adrias has been doing our All Store Documentary for ten years, in both our Times Square and West Nyack locations. She has a great talent for capturing the raw feeling and energy of our staff on their natural grind.  We look forward to her enthusiasm and energetic personality each year!  Her documentary kicks off our annual All Store Meeting with laughter and love, which is a great refresh on the natural camaraderie amongst our team members!  And we are thankful.  

-Ted Varvatos, general manager dave and buster's times square




Working with Shar is easy. She is kind, patient and humble. Brilliant, creative and understanding. She is the glitter that makes my work shine on film, and for that, I am the most grateful to have worked with her. Because of her own passion and understanding of dance, it translates beautifully from her camera and onto the screen.
I love working with her, also, as a person and artist. She enhances any choreographers work with a smile on her face. She gets it. She feels it. She takes my imagination and colors in the lines with unimaginable shades. I will always stand behind her and would suggest her to anyone looking to make a beautiful piece of cinematography.

-Cat Cogliandro, creator and artistic director "catastrophe!" dance company


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